The world as we see it is evolving, with new opportunities and fresh challenges branching off at every turn. We look forward to each day, with an eagerness to stay relevant and to deliver value. And, we have met each challenge with powerful ideas – from our early days to the present where we offer a vast number of solutions to the electronics industry.

This mindset has helped us anticipate and adapt to new developments. As our customers navigate the shape-shifting world of commerce, we stand by them, ever ready to transform and offer up-to-date support.

We call this Infinite Evolution.

In addition to our legacy products, where we continue to be market leaders, we have also added a range of services covering the entire spectrum of after-sales service and e-waste management.

With our century-old legacy of quality and trust and over two decades of expertise in developing cutting edge technology products and services – we are poised to deliver need-of-the-hour solutions that span across geographies and categories.

Our scale of operations is as extensive as it is deep. We have created a solution-oriented infrastructure that benefits both our OEM partners and customers. Our state-of-the-art facilities with stringent process control ensure compliance and quality deliverables.